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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  February 27, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PST

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water everywhere in one san francisco neighborhood. several homes, cars, streets, flooded by a major water main break. claudine wong has been out there since 4:30 this morning talking with residents and trying to find out when things will be back to normal. we are live in santa cruz where two veteran police officers were shot and killed. how that community is coping and the way the slain officers are being remembered. sky are clear but will they stay that way?
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we have breaking news we've been following since 4:30 this morning. a huge water main break in san francisco. it is flooding homes and cars. darkest day in the history of the santa cruz police department. we'll tell you more about the two fallen officers and the man authorities say killed them. we are live in santa cruz where there is a growing memorial for the two officers shot and killed. we're remembering them this morning and we also have reaction. bay area missing couple reportedly found alive in south america. why their family is not believing the good news and
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what they are asking authorities to show them. good morning. welcome to wednesday, february 27th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. if you like warm weather it sounds like you will get more of it this week. and the weekend too. >> changes on the week. friday looks warm too. now the lows are either cold or not too bad. they are running cooler than 24 hours ago. it will still be mild to warm. there will be a lot of high clouds coming into the north bay. 60 to near 70. steve, westbound 24 the traffic here looks pretty good on the way up to the tunnel. no problems by the way on 680. northbound 101 looks good. now backed to desk. we begin with our breaking news from san francisco. we've been following since 4:30 this morning. cleanup crews are now vacuuming
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up that walter that gushed into the area at about 15th avenue in the west portal area. a neighbor tells us he woke up at 2:30 this morning to see water look at that racing down his street. a 16-inch water main burst open. repair crews have turned off the water but it's still unknown when they will repair thebroken line. the ground at one street also gave way causing a large sink hole to form. >> water was gushing from right up there. halfway up the block. i came outside to check it out. i was out here for a half hour. by the time i tried to go back in i was trapped. >> we've been looking at cars that are almost completely covered in water. water levels rose to two feet in some houses this morning. claudine wong is live at the scene. she'll have a live report in the next half hour. now to our continuing coverage of that tragedy in
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santa cruz. two veteran police officers shot to death while trying to question a suspect. the police officers who were killed are detective lauren butch baker and detective elizabeth butler. they are the first officers killed in the line of duty in the long history of the santa cruz police department. we have team coverage for you right now. ktvu janine de la vega is busy getting community reaction to what happened. but we will start with tara moriarty. >> reporter: a lot of somber voices and heavy hearts this morning for these two fallen officers. the santa cruz a very tight nit community. the news has rippled through this community. now behind me here is where the suspect lives. this is where officers say the two officers were gunned down. they have already cleared the scene here. the investigation wrapped up. the residents no word if they are back in their homes. they were forced out yesterday while the investigation was
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under way. detective sergeant lauren butch baker was a 28 year veteran of the department. detective elizabeth butler was a ten year veteran. both were killed during a confrontation. about a mile from the beach. this is video we got in of two cars being towed from the scene. one is the green suv with two bullet holes in the windshield. we don't know if that was the suspects car. their bodies were found outside the home. the police chief called yesterday the department's darkest day. >> we are like family. i've known both of these officers for a long, long time. there are not words to describe how i feel personally about this and how my department is reacting to this horrific tragedy. >> reporter: swat teams
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immediately closed off the entire neighborhood and locked down three schools. they did track down the suspect around the corner. 30 minutes after the officers were killed. then officers killed the suspect under a hailstorm of bullets. police have identified the suspect as 35-year-old jeremy goulet. they arrested him friday on a disorderly charge but he was released after posting bail. he was recently fired from his job after breaking into a coworkers house and making inappropriate advances to her. he had a it's l with the victims boyfriend and his firearm discharged although no one was hurt. coming up later this morning we will tell you sometime mid- morning the santa cruz police department is supposed to have a news conference. we will be there and let you know the latest. live from santa cruz i'm tara moriarty. >> we continue our team
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coverage with janine de la vega. she is out getting community reaction to this horrible tragedy in santa cruz. janine. >> reporter: pam, this is just heartbreaking for the department and for th community. now in the last hour there was a woman who came here and she left flowers to add to this growing memorial. after she left she broke down crying as she went to her car. both of these officers are veterans of the department. lauren butch baker was shot and killed yesterday. baker was a long-time friend and mentor to him. he was with the force for 28 years and leaves behind a wife, two daughters, and a son who also works as a police community service officer. the other fallen officer is detective elizabeth butler. a ten year veteran of the department. she had worked as a patrol officer, hostage negotiator, and drug agent. she leaves behind her partner and two young sons. we spoke to the manager of the security company who works
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closely with the police. here's what he had to say. >> my heart pose out to the families of the fallen officers. it's a sad day. i think we're living in crazy times. i think crime is on the rise. i've got two young daughters. i worry about where they go and what they are doing. >> reporter: the flags are flying at half staff in front of the police station. the police chief described yesterday as the darkest day of the history in the department. he's thanking the community for his support. there has been a huge outpours online for the santa cruz police on twitter. police from other departments are expressing their condolences and community members are reacting with shock and saddens. the memorial out here is expected to grow bigger. out here live you can see there
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is a security company that is the police has contracted with. they have been guarding the police station and supporting the police department overnight. the santa cruz county sheriffs department is also taking over patrols for police over night so that officers can grieve. and of course, no doubt there will be grief counselors here to support those police officers. we're expecting more people to leave flowers here at this memorial. we will continue to talk to people in the community. reporting live from santa cruz janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. >> we will continue our coverage of the death of the two santa cruz police officers throughout the morning. stay with us here. you can also find more information any time of day including the entire police press conference from last night. that's on the front page of our website over night news a police chase in san jose runs into a roll over crash. it happened on the bird
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accident on southbound 280 at 2:00 a.m.. police tried to pull over a stolen car. the suspects sped off and the driver lost control, flipping it on to its roof on the side of the freeway. authorities say two teenagers a boy and girl were takennen to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. all lanes of freeway traffic are back open again. there is cautious optimism this morning for the family and friends of a missing oakland couple after they were reported scene in south america. jamie neil and georgia relate were spotted on a bet in a remote part of the amazon. peru tourism industry plans to send a plane out to that area today to record video of the couple and proof they are okay. in a written message garrett's mother says she will not believe the news until she has proof that her son is alive. >> just being optimistic and cautious at the same time. >> the couple traveled to south
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america for a biking trip but family members say they haven't heard from them since january 25th. 6:09 is the time. back over to sal. how does it look? >> it looks pretty good between the contra costa commute. all the freeways. it looks good. highway 24 westbound. nice looking drive there with no major issues. also the morning commute looks good at the toll plaza. we are getting a little bit more of a crowd. about a five minute delay before you make it on to the the bridge. if you are driving on the peninsula traffic tends to look pretty good. hayward southbound traffic is moving along nicely. 6:10 let's go to steve. thank you, sal. a very, very good morning. boy what a day yesterday. 60s to near 70s. i can hear people talking about it. they are saying it will beener 60 -- it will be upper 60s to near 70s today.
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i don't say anything. high clouds will drift in today. that is about it. yesterday there was a really good north breeze up toward the north bay. upper 60s to 70s. napa downtown 73 yesterday. san francisco yesterday 62. i went 62 again today. it didn't really change anything. yesterday was sunny side up and very, very nice to warm. these are about average temps near the coast. they are unking about -- running about inland. 30s and 40s but lows are running colder. it's still off her or easterly or northerly. just not as strong as yesterday. there is our monster system in the great lakes. look how slow that is moving.
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a lot of rain and snow. almost all of it turning to snow. any travel plans there you probably encounter not only cold snowy conditions buds maybe de-- but maybe delays. i did go with a 70 in clearlake. it wouldn't take much. that northeast breeze decreases a little bit. it will still be above average. everybody looks pretty good here. more the same thursday and friday. mostly cloudy saturday. cooler sunday. oakland mayor jean quan is preparing for her state of the city address. what she will talk about tonight. and what needs the most attention. fallout from dismissile of christopher dorner. heat the police department is
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catching from other former police officers. the massive budget cuts hagel faces just two days away.
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welcome back. time now 6:15. new this morning just about a half hour ago chuck hagel was sworn in as secretary of defense. this is brand new video of hagel arriving at the pentagon. he was confirmed by the u.s. senate just yesterday after a very bitter seven week fight on
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capitol hill. hagel will make his first remark to defense employees two hour hours from right now. as secretary of defense his top priority will be dealing with $46 billion in budget cuts. they will kick in on friday unless congress takes action to avoid those cuts. we are hearing that more plans to avert the cuts could come out today. if congress does nothing in 48 hours, those automatic budget cuts known as sequestration become law. kyla cramp bell is live in our washington, d.c. newsroom. kyla, what are you hearing? >> reporter: senate republicans we're told are working on a plan right now. they are finalizing details and could reveal their plan later today. it's likely that any bill they put out there will not -- house speaker john boehner says house
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republicans already voted to twice to make -- instead senate democrats to substance abused their own bill which would provide $55 billion in cuts and another $55 billion in new tax revenue. tax increases would hit the wealthiest americans and oil and gas industry. republicans refuse to sign on to tax increases. sequestration becomes law this saturday. and the white house says it could cost 227 californians their job over the next several month. >> of course the bay area will take a hit as is the entire state. and it will be pretty broad based. you will see teachers laid off. you will see scientists that don't get grants. >> republicans say democrats are pushing doom and gloom when all these automatic cuts could essentially be reversed if a deal is made in the coming
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week. there is new fallout from the case of former los angeles christopher dorner. and now at least six other officers who were fired over the years has now requested the department reopen their case as well. they are questioning disciplinary and review procedures. a popular new zealand beach is closed after a fatal shark attack. a man was attacked while swimming 650 feet offshore. police attempted to save the man while firing shots at the shark but it was too rate. the victim a man in his 40s died in the water. it's unclear if police officers killed the shark which is said to be between 12-14 feel long. time now 6:18. nonprofit organization and family of a hayward man are offering a larger reward for information about his death. 19-year-old luis ernesto was
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found dead in an abandoned car plant. the reward money is now $3,000 for information leading to an arrest and conviction. authorities still haven't released a cause of his death but are treating this case as a homicide. newest member of san francisco board of supervisors will be sworn in today. mayor ed lee has sworn in katie tang. she is 29 years old. she is the youngest member of the board of supervisors. in just a few hours president obama will speak at the unvailing of a statue in honor of civil rights icon rosa parks. parks made history when she challenged segregation laws by refusing to give up her seat on the bus. she is the first african
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american woman to have a statue at the capitol. let's check in with sal. >> we have a little bit of slow traffic here and there. things are beginning to get a little more crowded. let's take a look at these pictures highway 4 you can see traffic here. also the morning commute is big delay at the toll plaza. 15-20 minutes. no problems getting on to the bridge. those metering lights were turned on a little bit ago. on the peninsula the traffic looks good. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. we start off with clear skies. a lot of high clouds will drift in today. it will still be mild to warm. temperatures starting off 30s and 40s. calm conditions yesterday. 30s low, mid to 40s. temperatures they will rebound. that northeast breeze was much stronger yesterday. today it's still a component of it. forecast calls for sunny. partly cloudy and sunny.
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it will be nice to warm. another cloud cover comes in saturday and then a cool down on sunday. orders for ticket goods dropped. orders for machinery were particularly strong. climbing 13.5%. the number of people applying for a jumbo mortgage is on the rise. they almost disappeared from the mortgage market when the financial crisis hit. but as home prices edge back up more and more people are feeling comfortable spending more on a home. time now 6:21. more backlash over seth mcfar land. this time from sacramento lawmakers what they are asking the academy to do about it. plus new hope that sacramento may get to keep the kings. the new deal in the works to save the team.
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welcome back. time now 6:24. the city of sacramento not giving up on keeping the kings there. last night city council member announced he talked with a minority owner of a basketball team. they are working on an alternative offer to buy the kings and build them a new
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arena in sacramento. they are working on deal to sell the kings to a group that will move the team to seattle. but sacramento mayor kevin johnson thinks he could have a proposal submitted by friday. >> to make sure whatever we do creates jobs in the downtown community which is important. we've guilty to protect ourselves as it relates to the city loan. it's got to be a private public partnership. >> mayor johnson is not identifying the investors. today apple shareholders are gathering at the company's cupertino headquarters. there could be fire works if david shows up. he sued to block apple from creating a special class of preferred stock. a judge agreed and said apple could not put the item on today's agenda. a big name in the tech world will be the keynote speaker at this year's uc
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berkeley graduation. wozniak graduated from cal in 1986 with a degree in electrical engineering and computer science. he worked with steve jobs to launch apple. california female lawmakers are the latest to criticize seth mcfarland's oscar performance. it called mcfarland's jokes degrating and a set back for women in the industry. 6:26. is the time. let's check back in with sal. what should we know? >> it looks pretty good. i think we should know that traffic is getting busier by the minute though if you are driving through. let's take a look at 280. also the morning commute looks good if you are driving on the sunol grade heading south. let's go to steve. we have clear skies. mostly calm conditions.
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yesterday was there was much of a breeze. and temperatures are running colder this morning. it will be a little tougher to rebound from that. plus edition of higher clouds. there are 60s elsewhere pam. thank you, steve. the police chief calls it the darkest day in santa cruz history. we'll continue our team coverage of the two police officers killed in the line of duty. and cleanup continues in this san francisco neighborhood as a water main break sending water flooding into this intersection and homes. we'll give you look at the damage. and we're going to take you live to the opening bell next. wall street rocks. we'll tell you why when we come back. [ male announcer ] you think you know me. believe i'm just glitz and glam when i'm so much more. i'm downtown and ocean front.
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my nights are just as busy as my days. the arts are my passion. food my obsession. and when you finally think you know me. you'll realize, there's still so much more to discover. los angeles. endlessly entertaining. plan your getaway at
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. vocus a cloud company a storage company at the those dak. morgan stanley over on the new york stock exchange. they are also celebrating wall street rocks. there is the opening bell live and the reason wall street rocks is because there is it's a nonprofit organization that helps first responders and military veterans as well. they do a lot of good work. wall street rocks because they bring in a lot of bands to have fun and raise money. we'll smile and say good morning, to you. thank you for joining us here on ktvu channel 2 morning news. middle of the week, pam. it's wednesday, february 27th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. time is 6:30. thousands of gallons of water race through a san francisco neighborhood early this morning. burying cars, flooding homes, and creating a sink hole now. ktvu claudine wong is near the area of 15th avenue and wawona
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where homeowners have a huge cleanup ahead. >> reporter: we want to give you a look at the cleanup under way right now. they are doing the best they can but it is a mess. crews are trying to scrape out all the made that is leavitt in front of this person's home. we know the water went inside that home. we want to give you an idea how high this water went. all you have to do is come over to this car. you can see the water mark along the side of this car. and even on this pole you can see the stop sign water all the way up to here when this water was at its highest. and the mud and the debris that is left behind is significant. they are doing the best they can to clone it up. again we are looking at a massive cleanup here. we want to show you video from when this all started. this was about 2:00 this morning when the water went rushing down the street. the pictures were unbelievable. this is a 16-inch water main break that broke under ground
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and sent water up through a sidewalk kind of in a side area. the water kept flowing and residents say it was flowing about an hour and a half before they could turn it off. now this morning what has developed out of that has been a sink hole. i want to show you video of that sink hole. it gives you an idea of how much water was under the ground. what happened it basically washed away the ground underneath the asphalt and just about the last hour or so that asphalt began to sink and then it just kind of gave way. they are not sure how big that hole is going to get. they said they will keep an eye on it. but certainly they have to tear up the street and figure out how much has been compromised. if we come back here live a lot of activity. you can see the sink hole up the street. that is 15th avenue. you can see the emergency crew yous and lights up there. down here in the middle of the
6:35 am
intersection of 15th we have heavy machinery as they try to clear out this intersection. every single house and driveway and basements all during this bottom part of the area they are just trying to get it cleaned up. red cross is out here. but the mud. we threw on our rain boots so we could get into this intersection. let me pan down to where we are. you can't even see the street. it's just thick, thick mud. they'll have to get the heavy machinery to get this out. we'll keep an eye out for you coming up on mornings on 2. claudine wong. time is you have 33. now to continuing coverage of our other top story. unprecedented tragedy. two police officers shot to death while questioning a sexual assault suspect. now they were killed yesterday afternoon at the home about a mile from the beach. the two officers went there to question a violent suspect when that van opened fire and killed
6:36 am
them. the police chief was grief stricken. he identified the two fallen officers during a very emotional news conference last night. >> thanks to every member of our community who has reached out over this tragic situation and offered their condolences and support in the loss of my two officers today. this is the darkest day in the history of the santa cruz police department. >> the swat teams immediately closed off the entire neighborhood. schools. three schools were locked down. the police tracked down the suspect around the corner. 30 minutes after the two police officers were killed. the us a sect was -- the suspect was later killed by police. they identified the suspect as jeremy goulet. who was arrested friday on a disorderly charge. he was reportedly fired last weekend from his job at a santa
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cruz coffee shop. this deadly shooting is the latest incident in a series of violent crimes in a city long known as a peaceful surf town. janine de la vega is continuing our team coverage. >> reporter: it is a somber day for the santa cruz police department and for the community no doubt there will be grief counselors on hand to help the department but what helps to offer some comfort is this growing memorial. people have left flowers and candles and have left signs like this one we love you santa cruz police. both of these fallen officers were veterans of the department. santa cruz police argument loran baker. he leaves behind a wife and two daughters and a son. the aortallen officer is detective elizabeth butler a ten year vet ran. she worked as a patrol officer,
6:38 am
hostage negotiator, and drug agent. she leaves behind her partner and two young sons. their loss is hitting the community hard. we spoke to a manager at a security company who works closely with the police department. he shared how he was feeling this morning. >> angry. how people can be evil and take innocent lives. especially you know people that are good people. that do a lot for the community. it's sad. >> reporter: the flags are flying at half staff in front of the police station. the chief described yesterday as you heard as the darkest day in the history of the department. he is thanking the community for the support. there has been a huge outpouring online. police from other departments are expressing their condolences as well as community members who are reacting with shock and sadness. this is the first time the department has lost an officer in the line of duty and more difficult because of course they lost two well respected
6:39 am
members of the force. the memorial in front of the police department is expected to grow throughout the day with people leaving flowers out of respect. back out here live you can see this security company first alarm they have been parked out here over night with security guard just watching over and guarding the building. supporting the police department. santa cruz county sheriffs deputies have taken over patrols for the night and into this morning. so that police officers here can grieve. we will continue to monitor this situation and see if police officers do come in this morning. we know they will be holding a police conference to talk more about the investigation. of course we will be here to see the outpouring of support. reporting live from santa cruz janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. yesterday's deadly shooting comes during a very violent month in santa cruz. that has many people worried things will be changing in what was long consider adelaide back beach town. >> i want everybody to ask what the city is really doing about
6:40 am
crime in this town. this is the last thing i would thought would ever happen. it's just unbelievable. >> on february 9th a 32-year- old santa cruz man was shot and killed outside of a popular bar downtown. two days late aerostudent was shot in the head and robbed while waiting for a bus near natural bridges drive. now she survived. but less than a week later a 21- year-old woman was raped and beaten on the uc santa cruz campus. now you can post a message of condolence to the families of the two fallen police officers on our ktvu facebook page. look for us at ktvu channel 2. time 6:38. let's bring sal back. >> we just got a new accident. southbound 880 at the welling. apparently it's an injury crash. they are sending medics out to
6:41 am
the scene. southbound 880 at welling. and the traffic is getting busier as you drive through. this is right near highway 238. we'll tell you more about this injury crash coming up. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. that is backed up for a 15-20 minute delay. and san francisco northbound and southbound 101 traffic looking good. let's go to steve. what? >> let's go to steve. >> there you go the moon. i swear sal. what moon? it was full on monday. [ laughter ] okay. just keep it right there. thank you. skies are clear. it will be partly cloudy later this afternoon. mostly sunny. nice to warm. high clouds come in on the weekends. especially saturday. tropical clouds. tropical clouds, pam on saturday. cooler and next rain will be this time next week. today a lot of these higher clouds you can see there is a lot more coming in today than
6:42 am
yesterday. most of these you want to drag across the north bay. it will still be mild to warm. sunny here in the morning. i think we will have a great sunset. because some of the higher clouds coming in. keep that in mind. it will be mild today. temperatures running above average. 30s and 40s. much, much cooler for some. we have lost a stronger component of that north, northeast breeze even though it's still in place. it's a shell of what we had yesterday. generally less than three or five miles an hour. it's more of a north or easterly breeze. i mean just a slow churning system just continuing to dump snow. st. louis, chicago, milwaukee, green bay, detroit. cleveland. you name it. it's wobbling toward the northeast. travel delays probably expected. a lot of high clouds on the way. partly sunny, mostly sunny in the morning. and then the higher clouds will come in nice but a little cooler and it's not nearly as breezy. 60s and 70s.
6:43 am
there are upper 20s here. might be a little tougher to rebound compared to yesterday. pretty mild toward santa clara valley. 60s for many. temperatures will continue to stay mild to warm. i think we cloud up on saturday. sunday will be cooler. time now 6:40. people in missouri literally digging out of a snowy mess. the second winter storm to hit that region in less than a week. look at these pictures. heavy wet snow toppled trees and power lines. they cut off power to more than 100,000 homes and businesses. official state of emergency was declared in kansas city. they just got ten more inches of fresh snow yesterday. the pope's final public address. what he told the adoring crowd earlier this morning. and we are live in san jose a car chase leaves two teenagers in the hospital. we'll tell you their condition and what led up to the chase
6:44 am
coming up. highway 4 some slow traffic here. we have a few problem in the east bay as well.
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welcome back. good morning, to you. here's a quick look at the top stories we are following for you at 6:44. they are cleaning up in san francisco. a big water main break. look at this sink hole.
6:47 am
this is near 15th avenue in the southwest portion of the city. major water main break. dozens of homes were flooded. several cars were covered with mud. four feet high. also this morning two santa cruz police detectives shot to death trying to question a man over a reported sexual assault. the suspect was also killed a short time later. detective lauren butch baker was a 28eer police department veteran. detective elizabeth butler was a ten year veteran. they are the first officers to die in the lineof duty in santa cruz history. and an automatic those automatic spending cults known as sequester cuts are due to kick in on friday. this morning it doesn't appear to be any compromise deal in the works to avoid those cuts. over night police chase sent two teenagers to the hospital and we're hearing the car they were driving may have been stolen. brian flores is live in san jose now with details on what
6:48 am
happened. brian. >> reporter: hi pam, good morning. we have several calls into the police department. we have yet to hear from them. the two teenagers involved in this chase and crash are expected to be okay. we want to go to the video that was shot earlier this morning. roughly around 2:00. the two teenagers one boy and girl were driving southbound on 280 when it rolled over before the bird salve exit. the car ended up on its roof. before the roll over law enforcement authorities were on the routine patrol. when they did a license plate health care on the car it turned out the car the teens were in were stolen. a chase later insued. from the video it lookalikes the car is a two door older model accra legend. not only was there damage to the car but it did do damage to a fence like. that separates the home from the freeway off bird avenue. it doesn't appear the home had any damage besides the fence
6:49 am
line. as for southbound 280 the lanes are free and clear around the crash scene. as for the teenagers they were taken to a nearby hospital. they do have nonlife threatening injuries. new this morning an emotional sendoff for pope benedict. he appeared before 150,000 people at the vatican this morning for his final general audience. first he waved to the crowd from the pope mobile. then he stopped to kiss the fore heads of several babies. he recalled moments of joy and light as pope while also facing great pain and difficulty. he thanked everyone for respecting his decision to step down and to pray for the cardinals that have the enormous responsibility of picking the next pope. developing news from switzerland. a workplace shooting and several people are dead. this all happened at a wood processing company. here's video of the plant where that shooting happened this morning. a local newspaper in
6:50 am
switzerland said the shooter opened fire in a company cafeteria. investigators say at least three people were killed including the gunman and seven others are hurt. right now the police are there sealing off the entire scene. the investigation continues. back here in this country this morning a congressional committee looks into senator dianne feinstein's proposed assault weapons ban. senator feinstein's legislation would ban 157 specific models of military style assault weapons, ammunition magazines, the ones that hold more than ten rounds. the ban against high capacity magazines has a better chance of being approved than that ban on assault weapons. 6:48 is the time. sal is checking in on the east shore. how does it look? >> we're looking at all kinds of things. looking at the east shore. looking at the east bay. let's take a look at the crash. southbound 680.
6:51 am
that one blocking lanes. not a huge backup yet. we should be aware of it yet. eastbound 80 traffic is moderately heavy. and when you get to the toll plaza it's about a 20-25 minute delay. at 6:48 let's two to steve. thank you, sal. sunrise over the big city. clear skies. some cold readings though. a couple upper 20s. one near kenwood and outside of sonoma. and also pope valley. so it's cold for some. a lot more high clouds will be moving in today. 32 santa rosa. 31 napa airport. mountain view redwood city 40s. palo alto menlo park and wood side. we have a little bit of an offshore component with the breeze. yesterday was much, much stronger. so 60s. still pretty nice to warm. i think the warmest temps will be near the santa clara valley.
6:52 am
high clouds continue to filter in thursday. friday looks sunny and warm. first day of march. increasing clouds on saturday. and it will be cooler and breezy on sunday. boeing could resume test flights of its dream liner jet by next week. the faa is likely to allow inflight tests to see if problems with the batteries could be temporarily resolved. international investigators still have not figured out exactly what caused the battery fires. the paper does say even if test flights begin next week there is no way to test how commercial flights will resume. target reports first quarter profits dropped 9%. sales rose nearly 7%. checking in on target stock right now. i'm looking at it. the stock is down 2.5%. time now 6:50. the coast guard no longer
6:53 am
searching for a sale boat reported missing off the monterey coast. why there are big questions a distress call may not have been the real thing. plus did you see it? the rumble under the basket. how the warriors lived up to their feisty name.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news.
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live look at the big board. getting closer to 14,000 again. 13,936. nasdaq and s & p responding well to good economic news. time now 6:53. today the nba may punish some of the players in last nights warriors, indiana pacers game because of a huge fight. that is how it started. pacers center roy and david lee started shoving as they went for the rebound. and then hibert flung steph curry. right there to the floor. steph got up and grabbed him again. then he was shoved down again. this is wild. now some of the warriors players expect to be fined. we don't think they will be suspended. by the way the warriors last -- lost the game. the coast guard has
6:57 am
suspended a search for a sailboat off montereys boat. searchers say they have covered an area about the size of west virginia looking for that boat. but there has been no sign of a couple and two young children who said to be abandoning their boat. a radio call went out on sunday saying the boat husband sinking. >> we didn't find any debris in the area. we've also been unable to identify the vessel itself or id any of the people on board. and as of yet no one was has come forward. >> hoax cases do happen but they do -- but they did not treat this case as one. if the distress call does turn out to be a fake the person responsible could face prison fine and a hefty fine. las vegas police looking for a woman involved in that crash that killed three people.
6:58 am
she is pictured here with the suspected gunman ammar harris. she was in an suv with harris when she fired shots into a maserati. cherry crashed into a taxi that burst into flames killing the cab driver and a passenger. the city is still fighting with the federal government with recovery of funds. the issue is over a happen million dollars of funding that fema says was improperly requested. most of the money went to fix the towns police station and the town hall. almost two feet of water poured into those buildings during the 2005 new years eve flood. a plan to add fluoride to the drinking water is moving forward. the county is looking at water fluoridation as way to improve dental health especially among
6:59 am
the county's low income neighborhoods. the world's largest beer maker is accused of watering down some of its most popular products. anheusser bush is being sued for $5 million. some workers came forward with claims that the company adds water to its beers right before bottling. the lawsuit claims that reduces the alcohol content by as much as 8%. sal is going to check traffic in a moment. we just got breaking news into the newsroom. president obama announced he will meet with congressional leaders on friday to talk about those budget cuts. >> the sequester. >> the sequester. sal has a motorcycle crash to tell us about now. >> that is right. i just saw the chopper arrive on it. it was in the lane. we have a map of it for you. now the chopper has arrived. it looks like they got the motorcycle out of the way but traffic is slow in the area


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